Photographic Friday

underwater palm tree

Week 2 of me sharing analogue photographs. This time an underwater palm tree. Well not really, it is a multiple exposure of a palm tree and the sea on top of each other, in Turkey on summer holidays. Would love to go back there to relax and do nothing but swimming in the sea.


Little guide to York

A couple weeks ago I went on a little holiday trip to Yorkshire and the Peak District. Despite our plan to just drive around the countryside and see whatever village, castle or hiking trial we would see I’m one of those people who weeks beforehand sources the internet to find out what there is to do, which route to take to get the best views and in every hotel I grab every flyer on activities in the neighbourhood.

So though I can’t call myself an expert after a onetime trip, specially for everyone like me here are some suggestions to do in York.


First things first, it’s important to find a good place to sleep. We stayed at the Sycamore Guest House, a lovely B&B run by Elizabeth who is absolutely lovely and makes you feel very much at home. The walls are covered in floral wallpaper and the rooms have antique furniture which matches perfectly and is very comfortable. Full English (and continental) breakfast is served on pretty English china. Seriously I wouldn’t mind to move in there.

Sycamore York

Love or hate it, but I want this wallpaper.

But it would be a shame to stay in bed all day when you’re only a couple minutes walk from the very picturesque city centre of York.

First the museum gardens are lovely for a stroll or a picnic surrounded by trees, flowers, historical buildings/ruins and squirrels.

IMG_3629 copy

Ruin of a cathedral in the park.


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Park Life


Summer and outdoor living is over so I’m back home with time to blog. Lets first look back on this glorious summer.

Between traveling around festivals in my caravan I went back to London to spend some time with friends for a couple of days. As it was boiling hot we spend most of our time in the various parks, starting in Battersea park, moving on for a picnic in Hyde park (secretly to see Mr. Darcy in the serpentine but sadly we were a couple of weeks too late) and finally Regents Park to see Pride & Prejudice at the open air theatre.

Pride & Prejudice – Liz on top of the world



Summer snapshots scrapbook

Living in a caravan all summer has a very low tech feeling and I liked to continue that by taking primarily analogue photos and putting them in an old fashioned photo album.
This week my first roll taken at work at the parade festival was developed this week, so here the start of my scrapbook.




With all of this low tech fun I also don’t have a laptop here, which means this is all done by phone (long live the smartphone) and I do hope it still looks good on the big screen.

Am I seeing double or is it my camera?

On holidays next to my iPhone and SLR camera I usually wonder around with a bright pink plastic analogue camera around my neck. I love playing with my Diana mini, and although they are usually not the best of pictures, they are the ones that end up in the photo album.


Today was the excitement of finding out if I had not forgotten to take the lenscap off and if the photolab could deal with my random sized pictures. -it normally takes square images, but with multiple exposure I’m sometimes tempted to make the roll one long panoramic picture)-.

They all came out fairly alright. Some random overlapping between events and one I really don’t know what I’ve done with it, but looks pretty cool. Here as promised a selection from what I’ve taken in Italy. (there were also christmas pictures on the roll, but it’s not really the time for that).

Double church

Two churches in one at the San Marco Piazza.


Relaxing at the waterside beside some gondola’s.


I’ve got a weakness for decorated bows around church entrances.


Julia's Keys

Romantic locks at the house of Juliette.
Mystery of VeronaSuppose a little overexposed, it’s like someone scratched off only bits of the picture.

Italian rainy days

Not all summer holidays take place in the blazoning sun. Despite my optimism by packing summer dresses, my favourite item of the week became my raincoat that I last minute put on as it was raining here.


However we did still have some sunny moments with 29°C at its peak in Bologna, and as it was mainly a city trip that was almost too much for us.
And the stripy ‘gondola’ top I made was perfect for Venice.
I’m not really one for Maria statues, and the reason I like this one is probably more for the little frames next to it and the sweet dried flowers.
Architectural my favourite building in Venice; the Doge’s Palace. Beautiful Venetian Gothic style and a warm salmon-pink colour (which you can’t quite see in the picture, you need real sunlight for that).
More pictures are made with my analogue Diana Mini, so will have to wait till they are developed to show them. Fingers crossed they come out alright.