Week 5: Anchor brooch

Spotted this cross stitched anchor in January’s Mollie Makes Magazine and as it says on the top I thought ‘I could do that’.


It was a rather simple pattern that I copied straight from this image and used some scrap blue fabric for the rosette. Might look for a ribbon like in the image to add to it.

I made them in two sizes, two small button sized ones and one with the stitches doubled.


Think they would look quite nicely on a simple white blouse for a 50s sailor style.


Wk2 finished cross stitch

Almost a week late updating my finish work. I did honestly finish my cross stitch project within the week, but hadn’t gotten round posting it online.

Here is the finished decorative sticker. It didn’t end up quite round so I might frame it later.


As it was quite a small project I used my time to finish another thing I had lying around for ages. It’s a needle case that I made with scrap fabrics, only had to stitch it together, add a button and put my needles in. Didn’t realise I had so many needles until I filled up the whole case.


Week 2: cross stitch

This week I am making something smaller. I am going away for the weekend so will have less craft time. Therefore I am making a cross stitch addition to my wall. 


Cross stitching isn’t anything new to me, but I do enjoy the relaxing task of following a pattern with little crosses. 


I have chosen this simple flower print from the Liberty Cross Stitch book with this blueish/green thread.