Waist measurements circle skirt

A circle skirt possibly has the easiest cutting pattern ever, one large circle. All you need is an awful lot of fabric and in the end you still have a rather large and awkward scrap piece left over.

I bought this pattern for a circle skirt more for the image on the pattern than the pattern itself. If you want to try it yourself, there are plenty of tutorials online.
For the skirt I used an old bed sheet, which might almost cheaper than buying fabric by the metre. The waistband I cut off a great piece of fabric in ruler print. I loved to incorporate it into a skirt, but the pattern was too busy for a full skirt so just this band does the trick. Fortunately the measurements aren’t accurate, no-one needs to know my waist measurement.
IMG_2709 IMG_2710
Little detail is you can fold over the top of the waistband to cover the coloured band and turn it into a plain blue skirt. When you have a top that do not match the waistband.
I’m also thinking of using the same combination for an A-line skirt with the print as a border on the bottom instead of top, as it is so versatile.

Error error error

I apologise for the lack of posts recently. From a post every week hasn’t been much of the past month.
I started of with some computer errors, after I wrote two posts I got an error while uploading and they completely disappeared off the blog. Annoyed by the time wasted and inability to write the same a second time I gave up and then I was completely stopped when my new sewing machine broke down.
After I got the machine my mind was full with ideas to sew, but that abrupt went to a stand still and I had no interest in paper or hand-sewing projects.
Sadly enough the machine seemed beyond repair (computer crashed, reminder not to trust on technology too much). Fortunately now I’m at my parents with my mums trusty old machine that has been working ever since I got here. In the past week I’ve made a cushion cover, skirt and 3 bags. The only thing stopping me now is running out of fabric.

So I am back on track and will continue my challenge.

New sewing machine: Pfaff Performance 2056

Only 6 weeks in and I have already missed a week. Not very good, but I do have a rather good excuse. I went back to my parents home for a couple of days and received an early birthday present.

I had asked for a new sewing machine and my aunt had a perfectly fine machine I could take over. Not just a sewing machine, but a ‘Pfaff Performance 2056’. New this would have been much above my budget, but she wasn’t using it and this will serve me for quite some time.


I’ve still got a lot to learn, going from a hand-cranked to computerised machine is a big step up, but I’m already loving it and can’t wait to make loads of things.

Therefore last week I got as far as covering a piece of scrap fabric in some of the 337(!) stitches, including writing. It’s smarter than I am!

test scrap

This week however I took the opportunity to finish 2 of my bigger projects. First the quilt I’ve been working on and seems to have become the introduction to all my machines. I stitched the filling and backing on and then stitched it onto a spare white pillowcase. It’s now proudly prompted on my bed.

Imagequilted pillow


The other project is this skirt I’ve been working on at the sewing cafe. Its made of a vintage piece of fabric I had been lying around waiting to be shown to the world. What better way in a piece of clothing.

I followed the instructions from this blog and learned a couple handy dressmaking skills, from gathering to putting in a blind zip. Its quite a heavy fabric, so it stays nicely wide while wearing it, almost if there’s an invisible petticoat underneath.


Week 5: Anchor brooch

Spotted this cross stitched anchor in January’s Mollie Makes Magazine and as it says on the top I thought ‘I could do that’.


It was a rather simple pattern that I copied straight from this image and used some scrap blue fabric for the rosette. Might look for a ribbon like in the image to add to it.

I made them in two sizes, two small button sized ones and one with the stitches doubled.


Think they would look quite nicely on a simple white blouse for a 50s sailor style.

Week 4: Photo cushion

Months ago I bought this special printing paper to iron on fabric. This week I decided to try it out and turn it into a nice little cushion.


To print I choose a picture I took with my Diana Mini analogue camera on Brighton pier. The ironing on was extremely easy, only shame that it couldn’t be bigger than A4 size. Maybe I’ll make a separate border around it another time. For this project I jazzed it up with a red pom-pom border.

This time I didn’t depend on my old singer (see week 1) but instead I ventured out to ‘Sew Over It’, a nice sewing cafe in Clapham. I would absolutely recommend going there if you are in London and in need of a sewing machine (or just some equipment). It is a great space where you can use sewing machines, overlockers and all other equipment, including free cups of tea (isn’t that one of the most important components for creativity).



Week 2: cross stitch

This week I am making something smaller. I am going away for the weekend so will have less craft time. Therefore I am making a cross stitch addition to my wall. 


Cross stitching isn’t anything new to me, but I do enjoy the relaxing task of following a pattern with little crosses. 


I have chosen this simple flower print from the Liberty Cross Stitch book with this blueish/green thread.