Make Do: Peter Pan collar

LLP Peter Pan Collar

A peter pan collar gives a dress or top just that little extra cuteness and what’s better than a detachable one that you can just pop on a piece of clothing you’ve already got. Plus it is super easy to make. I’ll show you how.

All you need:

– Rectangle of top fabric, 35 x 20 cm
– Rectangle of bottom fabric, 35 x 20 cm. You can choose to make the bottom in the same or a different fabric.
– Piping cord, approximately 4 cm (long enough to loop around your button). Or instead you can use cord that they put in most clothes to hang them up in the store, I always cut them out and reuse for these kind of projects.
– A small button

– Sewing machine, iron, needle, pins (the usual).

1 – First download this Peter pan collar Template, print and cut it out. Make sure you set your printer to scale 100%, otherwise it won’t be the right size.

2 – Fold your fabric in half with right sides together. Lay the pattern on the fabric with ‘fold’ at the fold (speaks for itself), trace the pattern and cut it out, including a seam allowance of roughly 1 cm.


2 pieces

3 – Optionally iron interfacing onto the bottom piece to make the collar more firm.
Pin the two pieces together, with right sides facing. Make a loop from the piping cord and carefully place it in the top left corner. Sew the collar, but make sure you leave a 4cm gap  at the centre of the inner circle to be able to turn the piece.

button loop

The button loop. I tested it around the button and fastened the loop with a couple of stitches so it wouldn’t move.


Do you see the loop sticking out? The loop itself is on the inside (which will be the outside). Tiny mistake is that I put it too high here, should be in the corner.

4 – Turn the collar right side out and use a pin or knitting needle to neaten the corners into shape.

right side

5 – Iron all the wrinkles out. I don’t like to press too hard as I like to keep a little body to the collar.

6 – Hand stitch the opening closed with matching thread and sew the button on the opposite corner to the loop.


7 – Now put on that simple white top, add the collar and admire your new creation in the mirror.


Oh and after this one I haven’t sat still. Here’s a blue version with hand embroidered flowers. After cutting out, embroider your decoration (flowers, or what about buttons or sequins) and once you’ve done that continue the steps as normal, just be extra careful whist sewing and ironing.

blue collar

xx Ilse


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