Little guide to York

A couple weeks ago I went on a little holiday trip to Yorkshire and the Peak District. Despite our plan to just drive around the countryside and see whatever village, castle or hiking trial we would see I’m one of those people who weeks beforehand sources the internet to find out what there is to do, which route to take to get the best views and in every hotel I grab every flyer on activities in the neighbourhood.

So though I can’t call myself an expert after a onetime trip, specially for everyone like me here are some suggestions to do in York.


First things first, it’s important to find a good place to sleep. We stayed at the Sycamore Guest House, a lovely B&B run by Elizabeth who is absolutely lovely and makes you feel very much at home. The walls are covered in floral wallpaper and the rooms have antique furniture which matches perfectly and is very comfortable. Full English (and continental) breakfast is served on pretty English china. Seriously I wouldn’t mind to move in there.

Sycamore York

Love or hate it, but I want this wallpaper.

But it would be a shame to stay in bed all day when you’re only a couple minutes walk from the very picturesque city centre of York.

First the museum gardens are lovely for a stroll or a picnic surrounded by trees, flowers, historical buildings/ruins and squirrels.

IMG_3629 copy

Ruin of a cathedral in the park.


For a little more complete church building head to the York Minster, which tower is visible from practically anywhere in town. In front of the entrance is a mark up of the centre specially for blind people to “feel the buildings of the city”, I find this such a brilliant idea even though I’m (fortunately) not blind.

york minster

Behind the Minster is the hidden gem ‘Treasurer’s House‘, a pretty townhouse which is open to visit. We only had one day in York so swiftly moved through the enchanted walled garden and continued our walk.



Mum and I were quite drawn to this cute cupcake place called Crumbs for a tea break.


Onwards and upwards, time to do some shopping! The Shambles reminded me of Harry Potters Diagon Alley, crooked old buildings that seemed to grow towards each other, with all sorts of original shops.


Disclamer, I do not know this man, it was just impossible to photograph without people in view.



The Flax & Twine is an absolute recommendation, a never-ending shop stuffed with cute vintage items. I would happily have bought a vintage picnic basket and filled it with crockery, fabrics and other nicknacks, but with limited space in the car and my house I only bought some fabrics and buttons (and regretted not buying the picnic basket).

Flax & Twine

Isn’t this the most adorable picnic basket.

Flax & Twine


For more high street shops (like Cath Kidston and Joules, to name my favourites) head to Stonegate and at all times keep your eyes open. York has the perfect size so everything is on walking distance and the centre is mostly car-free which means you can safely admire the surroundings.

For lunch we went to this adorable tearoom with pink and green walls and pictures of cats on the walls (which again reminded me of Harry Potter Umbridge’s office). Importantly they had some good sandwiches, however they had a no-phone policy which means I couldn’t save the name and naturally I can’t remember (but it’s close to Stonegate).

Anyway I’d certainly recommend York for a little weekend away, and I might post a little more about other places we visited in our holiday.

x Ilse






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