(don’t) judge a book by its cover

pile books

I must admit that on occasion I buy books solely by their cover. I love walking around bookshops and suddenly being drawn by a pretty cover, hoping this will promise a good book on the inside too, and if not I can always use them for display. These 3 have definitely made their cover worth.


Well who could ignore this bright pink book with gorgeous illustration? To be honest even if it had blank pages I still would have bought this book, but oh boy there’s a good story in there too. It’s set in Victorian times in London’s East-End and West-End theatres, just my cup of tea. 

The book you saw poking out from the bottom is ‘A victorian flower album’ by Henry Terry (the Victorian theme is pure coincidence). It’s a recreation of an album with painted watercolour flowers that a father made for his daughter. I love looking at the detailed drawings of all the wildflowers, or displaying it open. This Victorian father had some serious talent.


Finally this very pretty version of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride & Prejudice’. Secretly Emma is my favourite Austen book, but the very best part of this one is that in fact it isn’t a paper book but….


It’s an ereader cover! I think it’s the best cover to convince paper lovers to buy an ereader (it got me over). British Library has very cleverly teamed up with Big Strawberry to take original covers from famous books and turn them into ereader or tablet covers. Your ereader is protected and it feels like you’re holding a book in your hands. They also have Sherlock Holmes, Grimm fairytales and many more. See bigstrawberry.com for more info.

With my ereader I have less an excuse to go round bookshops and buy books for their covers, but until I’ve got enough space for a massive bookcase I’ll keep it all in one device.


x Ilse


2 thoughts on “(don’t) judge a book by its cover

  1. My what beautiful looking book covers and illustrations! I have to admit, when I saw “The Somnambulist” I instantly thought of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” and got excited lol.

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