Sew along for Victory


That I am obsessed with dressmaking and vintage style is no surprise. Recently I discovered Rochelle’s blog Lucky Lucille and I am in love with her 1940s style and selfmade wardrobe. At the moment she is running a ‘Sew for victory’ sew-along and though I usually go for a ’50s look I decided to go a little further back in time and join the sew-along.

For the pattern I had a look around on Wearing History (Rochelle has a discount code valid until 1st of April so check it out). My wardrobe already exists of loads of dresses and skirts so I decided to go for something else for this challenge. Though technically it’s a 1930s pattern, I fell in love with this outfit of wide legged trousers and blouse. I’ve never made trousers, partly because I rarely wear them and I also find them a bit daunting to make. For the challenge I’m first going to concentrate on the blouse and if I’ve got time before the end (I’ve got a month, but you never know what comes up in between) I might try the trousers.

Fabric wise I had this red-white striped cotton lying about intending to make a blouse of it sometime and I think it’s perfectly 40s appropriate.


Will keep you up to date how my sewing for victory is going along.

x Ilse


One thought on “Sew along for Victory

  1. Very pretty header on your blog, Lizzell. And I like retro too. And anything vintage, but I must admit my sewing talent is quite limited. I do admire those who can tho’.

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