Meringue skirt

Dear me it’s really been too long since I last posted something. Though that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting still without crafting. As the weather seemed to have skipped winter I’ve already started on my summer wardrobe.

meringue skirt full

For christmas I received the ‘Colette sewing handbook’, I would recommend it to anyone starting dressmaking. It is loaded with instructions, tips and tricks on dressmaking, from reading a pattern, altering to techniques and 5 lovely patterns to put what you’ve learned into practice. I started at the very beginning with the first item: the meringue skirt. Now I’m usually one for wide layered skirts and this one was a lot more figure hugging.


The original skirt in the sewing book.

I soon found out accurate measuring is extra important, the first test version was an inch too small so I couldn’t close it. I thought I could solve this by cutting the final fabric just a little wider than the pattern I’d cut. Though I was a bit too scared it wouldn’t fit so the final result was way too big. Fortunately that’s easier solved than adding fabric. The skirt is still hanging lower than I would normally wear -I like to have it high waisted, but this is more hip height- but that’s just the pattern.


For the fabric I used a vintage pillowcase, love the combination of stripes and flowers and the pastel colours. The pattern didn’t have lining but because I didn’t want the risk of a see through skirt I added white silky lining, which also keeps the skirt in perfect shape.

9 thoughts on “Meringue skirt

  1. Love the skirt! When I first saw it I thought to myself “gaaah I want that fabric”, until I read that its from a vintage pillow case! that is brilliant and super cute ^_^ funnily enough, the book has been residing in my amazon’s cart for a while now. I’m not really a beginner but I’m not advanced either, so getting myself the book is probably a good idea.

    Happy sewing! ^_^

    this is missworld from swap-bot! 🙂

    • Thanks! You can find the cutest fabrics in secondhand shops, just keep your eyes open.
      If you’re a bit in between and want to improve your dressmaking I would definitely recommend the book, I had done quite a few projects before I got the book but learned so much to improve my sewing.

  2. Love it!! That is so great that you can make your own wardrobe! I have been sewing for about a year, both by hand and machine, but I have a long way to go before I can sew my own clothes! I will definitely have to check that book out!


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