Tote’s amaze

I love using cotton tote bags, as book bag for uni to sports bag, and though you can find them with any print, I like to make my own.

This week I’ve been playing with transfer paper and scans from old magazines. I love vintage magazine covers and advertisements, they’re like paintings.

On the front the cover of a 1930s French ladies magazine.

Tote orange front zoom

And on the back a pattern of postage stamps in the same colour scheme. Love these warm autumn colours and what a luck how they match each other.

Tote orange back

From a 1950s magazine I found this advertisement with a lovely french lady in a stripy dress. I love the red white and blue combination with the stripes, so I combined it with a red/white stripe back of the tote and a blue ribbon around the top.

Stripe tote frontStripe tote back

And finally no transfer paper, but my own creative writing with a sewing machine (aka freehand embroidery). My tea tote.

Tote tea edit

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