Crochet addict

Since I learned to crochet last week I haven’t been able to put down my needle. I realised it’s actually quite easy and you can make something in less than an hour. (one thing that put me off knitting, it takes too long to see result.)

On the evening of the workshop I finished my bag. Though I decided to use it as a basket and left out the handles.


Throughout the week I’ve been making little flowers and I stitched them together to make a fancy brooch, loving a little handmade detail on my clothes.


I’d seen these photo frames on pinterest before and by luck the pattern was in ‘Simply Crochet’ magazine. Absolutely loving them, they might become the frame around every wall hanging I make.


Finally today I got given this yellow yarn from a friend who didn’t like the colour herself. Now I’m not too keen on yellow, especially considering our house in in brown and blue tones. Nonetheless I thought it should work to experiment with and I made this without a pattern! I set out making a pencil organiser, though the base ended up a bit too wide and it’s more like a flowerpot. Might just promote it as that…



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