Postcard notebook

With a blog that has postcards in its name,  I do on occasion need to talk about postcards. On ebay I bought a pile of old, used postcards. In general the written side was more interesting than the image. Folded double with plain pages I turned them in little notebooks. Ideal for in your pocket or handbag to write shopping lists or inspirational ideas.

Postcard note swap2

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Tote’s amaze

I love using cotton tote bags, as book bag for uni to sports bag, and though you can find them with any print, I like to make my own.

This week I’ve been playing with transfer paper and scans from old magazines. I love vintage magazine covers and advertisements, they’re like paintings.

On the front the cover of a 1930s French ladies magazine.

Tote orange front zoom

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Crochet addict

Since I learned to crochet last week I haven’t been able to put down my needle. I realised it’s actually quite easy and you can make something in less than an hour. (one thing that put me off knitting, it takes too long to see result.)

On the evening of the workshop I finished my bag. Though I decided to use it as a basket and left out the handles.


Throughout the week I’ve been making little flowers and I stitched them together to make a fancy brooch, loving a little handmade detail on my clothes.


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Christmas at Strawberry

Strawberry hill house

Now it’s getting cold and rainy outside and Downton Abbey is back on tv I always have this longing for large old estates in the country, like Downton (or Highclere Castle). Sadly  I currently don’t live close to any houses like that and my national trust membership has inspired by now.
Last year around Christmas I worked on a play set and performed at Strawberry Hill House. A beautiful Gothic house in Twickenham, just outside London. For a month this has been my home and after initially getting lost in the corridors it did feel like my home.

Some sweet memories of this beautiful house, especially the hall and library, my favourite places.

Strawberry hall roof

Looking up in the hall. The whole staircase is beautifully decorated, with a beautiful stained glass lamp in the centre which coloured the whole hall in warm colours.

Strawberry christmas Strawberry lampStrawberry glass

The library, with very few books for it’s size. Sadly all the original books have been sold in the past to finance the house.

Strawberry library strawberry scene

The view I mostly had of a scene in the library.

Don’t you just get all in the christmas mood by seeing all this. I for one cannot wait to get my gloves and scarf out again.

Crochet workshop


Having the urge to know any kind of needle craft I was determined to learn to crochet. Okay I can do one granny square having closely followed a youtube clip, but I couldn’t do any variations to that, let alone follow a pattern.
Therefore today I did a beginners workshop at the shop ‘Knotten‘ in Delft (an absolute must go for knitters and crochet when in Holland). We used the large, recycled Hooked yarn to get a quick and strong result. In 2 hours, surrounded by other ladies I didn’t get that far in making my bag, but I did learn a lot on crochet and hope to quickly finish my project.

The supposed end result as shown at the workshop.
No crafting without tea and biscuits.