Cabinet Cards

Where Downton Abbey isn’t good for. From Carson’s cabinet card of his Alice I got the inspiration to go looking for cabinet cards of interesting women. I came across the digital gallery of the New York public library; thousands of amazing images of anything you can think of. I’ll show you some I very much liked, starting with cabinet cards and moving on to cigarette and postcards, all from around the 1900s.

Blanche BatesLouise Beaudet

Minnie Renwood wide dresschristmas greetings 1905 cigarette card winter Eileen Molyneux coloured photo Mademoiselle Lély 1909 Nenelle 1910 McCall pattern

In Jean ‘d Arc magazine they also often make use of old cabinet cards as decoration, where I took further inspiration, knowing me in a fabric way. I’m now buzzing around with transfer paper, fabric scraps and my sewing machine. I’ll show the end result later this week. For now it’s still a crafty mess like this.



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