Stuffed sewing boxes

Remember in summer I up-cycled two sewing boxes with a coat of white paint. I never really got round to show the proper end result. I have to admit they are both stuffed with supplies so high time to craft!

Look at them shining white on top of my dark wooden sewing table. sewingbox6

Lined the inside of the box with inspiring images and cards. I’m trying to keep things that belong together in the same box, but this is still a mix of all sorts. The cupcake tin is filled with embroidery thread, at least that’s organised.

Found these button cards and thread at a flea market. Feels like a shame to actually use it after it’s been kept complete for so long. sewingbox13Buttons, ribbons and other applications to give works a finishing touch. Happy to finally have these organised instead of having to rumble between all other bits and bobs. Now I know what I’ve actually got.




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