Lille antiques market

Two weeks ago, on the first weekend in September, it was the annual antiques market in Lille, France. Last year I went by myself by train. I loved how the whole city was taken over by the fair. Everywhere you looked second hand stuff was sold, from antique chairs to peoples attic finds. This year I took the car with my two aunts.

Our intention was not just to buy, but also much enjoyment in seeing all that was sold and what people carried around (we’ve seen several men with seats on their head, poor them).

Some lovely things I came across, but sadly couldn’t take home:


Shame it was €150, bit too much for my budget.


Kitchen products sorted by colour, I want a colour coded kitchen! Just can’t choose which colour.



A miniature forniture shop in a sewing machine case. Adorable!

IMG_3897Maps, cards and prints from old classrooms. Last year I bought a 1970s map of Europe and a french classroom print from this same stand and they were just as successful this time round.

Now what I did buy, it wasn’t much but as long as I still live in a student room there’s not much place to put all I love.


A cute print of yes the stand above, couldn’t leave them not buying anything. My aunt by luck found this little girl under a pile of medical prints. IMG_3911 IMG_3910

Two copies of Le Petit Echo de la Mode from 1939. I love the cover prints and funny advertisements inside. Seen someone who had framed a cover of this magazine and think they’re absolutely worth it.


One of my aunts think me crazy the other finds it my best buy, this half finished cross stitch. It’s on a very fine linen and like the pattern so will hope to finish it.

IMG_3906Finally this cute stamp of this petit french lady. One aunt is all into stamps but found this one too ‘sweet’, perfect for me.


Visiting it two years in a row has been quite enough for me, maybe in some years when I’ve got my own house to decorate I’ll go the whole weekend to stock up. There’s plenty to see and buy for decent prices. (plus I’ll practice my French for better haggling next time).

A little bit of advice if you’re going next year. Park your car outside Lille at a metro station and take the metro for only €1.30 to the centre. Take stop Grand Palais and you get out in the middle of the antiques part of the market, avoiding the busy centre around the train station.




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