Sewing boxes


In my opinion you can never have too much sewing equipment and therefore also never enough storage. I found this little red sewing box at a charity shop the other day. It was in need of a new coat of paint and one of the wooden bits on the side was broken so I could take it home for a mere £1.


The next day at a flea market I found another sewing box, completely filled with crafty bits and bobs. I picked it up for £5 and didn’t look until I got home what was actually inside. Going through it I could throw most of it away -short strings of thread, mysterious plastic circles- but it also had everything to make a tapestry, who knows I can give a go at that one day, and a ‘woollen-flower-maker’. In the bottom was written ‘April 1960’, so guess thats when the box was first purchased.



It had a lot of scratches on the top, so I decided to paint both sewing boxes. There was some white paint lying about, so used that. 2 weeks later I still haven’t repaired the small one so I can only properly open half, but the big one looks as new again.


ps. Grandmothers tip on getting paint off your hands: rub them in with butter. I didn’t believe it at first, but it works really well and as a plus it doesn’t dry out your hands (like most chemical stuff does) it actually moisturises your hands at the same time as well. From now on I always have a pack of butter when I go painting.


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