Tool apron


I have just started working at the theatre festival ‘Parade’. Walking around all day you want to keep your hands free, but not have a bag over your shoulder all the time. My -very practical- colleague wears a tool belt, but as wearing jeans is painful enough for my fashion sense, you won’t find me dressed like a handyman.

Inspired by the bar staff I made myself an apron to stuff my tools etc in. I used oilcloth fabric, as it’s sturdy, waterproof and easy to clean. I worked off the edges with bright blue bias binding and made a wider white bias binding for the ties. The side pockets are perfect for a bottle of water and my phone. In the centre I sewn an elastic band to organise stuff.

IMG_3449 IMG_3451

For the rest of summer I’ve got the most cheerful tool belt and always everything by hand, and I don’t need to worry anymore if my skirts have pockets or not!


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