Waist measurements circle skirt

A circle skirt possibly has the easiest cutting pattern ever, one large circle. All you need is an awful lot of fabric and in the end you still have a rather large and awkward scrap piece left over.

I bought this pattern for a circle skirt more for the image on the pattern than the pattern itself. If you want to try it yourself, there are plenty of tutorials online.
For the skirt I used an old bed sheet, which might almost cheaper than buying fabric by the metre. The waistband I cut off a great piece of fabric in ruler print. I loved to incorporate it into a skirt, but the pattern was too busy for a full skirt so just this band does the trick. Fortunately the measurements aren’t accurate, no-one needs to know my waist measurement.
IMG_2709 IMG_2710
Little detail is you can fold over the top of the waistband to cover the coloured band and turn it into a plain blue skirt. When you have a top that do not match the waistband.
I’m also thinking of using the same combination for an A-line skirt with the print as a border on the bottom instead of top, as it is so versatile.

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