Quilt books

A little while ago I made this small quilt myself. I had seen before how a quilt is made and like to play around so I had made up my own pattern and way of putting it together.

However to learn the real technique my aunt had given me some books on quilting to borrow. (well she had a pile of about 50 books where I could choose from).
Of course I went for some general quilt-technique and pattern books, but most of my interest went to a couple of books by Kaffe Fassett. My favourites look a little too advanced for a beginner like me, but I always like a challenge.
quilt road caravan quilts cover

In these books it is not just the patterns, but moreover the fabrics and shooting location which makes them look so good. I scanned in my favourites so I can make them in future.  A couple of examples from ‘Quilt Road’ and ‘Caravan of quilts’.
Kaffe, caravan of quilts, big bang quiltkaffe, quilt road, wallpaper strips quiltKaffe, quilt road, my fair lady
Left to right: Big Bang, Wallpaper Strips, My Fair Lady quilt.
I especially love the My Fair Lady quilt (partially for the name and again fabrics used) and I think the ‘wallpaper strips’ shouldn’t be too difficult to start with.




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