Elle 1954

Let’s start with the smallest part of my magazine collection: Vintage magazines.

With the current trend of anything vintage I’ve got loads of scraps with vintage lifestyle, but last year at the antiques market in Lille I stumbled on a box of old Elle magazines.
With it being only the start of the day I choose only 2 of the 100 French Elle’s from the 1950/60s.
I don’t speak or read much French, but it is interesting to see how subjects in those magazines have changed over the last 50 odd years. Nowadays you wouldn’t really find knitting patterns and grilled chicken recipe in Elle magazine.

Elle France Cover Elle FR cover car

My favourite part of fashion magazines are the advertisements. (maybe because they seem to take up most pages.) They clearly show the fashion and interest of the readers.

Ad Elle FR Elle FR stripes

The 50s are also my favourite era and I cannot help but swoon over the fashion in those times. Wish I’d bought more copies, but I already had enough to carry by the end of the day.










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