Magazines collection

I’ve just moved home and probably my biggest moving box was filled with magazines (and shoes, but thats another story). Therefore this week will be all about my favourite magazines.

Together with my mum we’re secretly obsessed over magazines. No gossip or celebrities for us, but our lives are filled with home decoration and crafts. With my mum living in Holland and me in England I get the best of both countries with our swaps. Regularly there’s a big envelope in the post stuffed with magazines, that I get the christmas issue in summer doesn’t matter, I get completely sucked into the pictures and stories of other houses like you do with someones life in a book.

My favourite British magazines are Mollie Makes, Country Living and Home & Antiques. And my favourite Dutch ones are Flow, Ariadne at Home, Daphne’s Diary, and Jean d’Arc. Lucky for you international readers Flow and Jean d’Arc bring out English versions.

If I kept every magazine I liked I would need a barn for storage, so instead I cut out all the images and articles I like (unless that would include a whole magazine I’d keep the whole thing) or scan them in if I send them further to family. Fortunately for me being abroad I’m usually the end of the magazines chain, so I’ve got boxes with cut-outs.

Now I don’t just leave them in boxes, every season I create a new moodboard on my wall with images that inspire me for that time of year.

Here my current spring moodboard:

 Spring 2013 moodboard
Its a bit of an easter mad-hatters tea party.

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