Machine Embroidery workshop

A little while ago I did a course in machine embroidery at ‘Sew Over It‘ in London. I’d already been there before to just use the sewing machines (see week 4). For my birthday I got given a machine embroidery course as I love the look and idea of it, but was a bit scared about using a sewing machine for loose curves instead of straight lines.

On a rainy evening 8 likeminded women gathered in the cosy shop to learn the tricks with a cup of tea. As I suppose tea is a big part of sewing most of us choose the teacup pattern to practise on. With little gems from the overflowing scrap basket we stuck our teacups on a plain piece of calico with bondaweb. Then the fun began of machine embroidering or free flow sewing. Initially it felt a bit scary and unnatural to move your work around and going sideways, but it is so much fun. Together we laughed about each others mistakes and ideas.


Now we knew how to do it it was time to actually make something. We could choose from a lampshade, tea cosy or cushion. Thinking easy and practical I went for the cushion and staying in the tea theme I went for a teapot with two cups. Choosing the right fabric seemed to be almost the most difficult part of the night, with so much to choose from. I settled on a pink with white polkadot as background and blue paisley print for the items.

It seemed we had a little too much fun playing around, because most of us didn’t finish at the end of the night, but I decided to meet up another time with a couple to finish our projects.


I now only need to buy the right foot for my sewing machine and I can continue what I’ve learned.


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