Error error error

I apologise for the lack of posts recently. From a post every week hasn’t been much of the past month.
I started of with some computer errors, after I wrote two posts I got an error while uploading and they completely disappeared off the blog. Annoyed by the time wasted and inability to write the same a second time I gave up and then I was completely stopped when my new sewing machine broke down.
After I got the machine my mind was full with ideas to sew, but that abrupt went to a stand still and I had no interest in paper or hand-sewing projects.
Sadly enough the machine seemed beyond repair (computer crashed, reminder not to trust on technology too much). Fortunately now I’m at my parents with my mums trusty old machine that has been working ever since I got here. In the past week I’ve made a cushion cover, skirt and 3 bags. The only thing stopping me now is running out of fabric.

So I am back on track and will continue my challenge.