New sewing machine: Pfaff Performance 2056

Only 6 weeks in and I have already missed a week. Not very good, but I do have a rather good excuse. I went back to my parents home for a couple of days and received an early birthday present.

I had asked for a new sewing machine and my aunt had a perfectly fine machine I could take over. Not just a sewing machine, but a ‘Pfaff Performance 2056’. New this would have been much above my budget, but she wasn’t using it and this will serve me for quite some time.


I’ve still got a lot to learn, going from a hand-cranked to computerised machine is a big step up, but I’m already loving it and can’t wait to make loads of things.

Therefore last week I got as far as covering a piece of scrap fabric in some of the 337(!) stitches, including writing. It’s smarter than I am!

test scrap

This week however I took the opportunity to finish 2 of my bigger projects. First the quilt I’ve been working on and seems to have become the introduction to all my machines. I stitched the filling and backing on and then stitched it onto a spare white pillowcase. It’s now proudly prompted on my bed.

Imagequilted pillow


The other project is this skirt I’ve been working on at the sewing cafe. Its made of a vintage piece of fabric I had been lying around waiting to be shown to the world. What better way in a piece of clothing.

I followed the instructions from this blog and learned a couple handy dressmaking skills, from gathering to putting in a blind zip. Its quite a heavy fabric, so it stays nicely wide while wearing it, almost if there’s an invisible petticoat underneath.


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