Vintage hunt at Sunbury market

Last Tuesday I rose early to go to Sunbury Antiques market at Kempton Park race court. It was freezing cold, but fortunately the sun had come out and snow stayed away. Despite the weather there was still a fair amount of buyers and sellers. I arrived at 8am and by 11 I had only seen the outside part, by the time I got to the inside market they started packing up.

If I had the space and money I could easily have filled a van full of stuff. Instead I came by train (which always gives a fun challenge) and a £50 budget.

My first buy was this silver coaster set for £2. When you’ve been walking around for about 20min without any luck it’s always nice to start with something cheap and safe. They have some stains, but I hope my silver polishing will do miracles.


Next were 3 porcelain cups for 50p each. Already had some mismatching saucers so now have a nicely mismatched set when someone comes for tea. I could have bought up the whole porcelain stall, but again where to put it? I have enough trouble fitting these 3 somewhere decent (they now live on top of the wardrobe). I might venture into making candles in the cups.

Then came my favourite item for the day: a wooden letterpress tray/drawer. I’ve wanted one for ages and the first one I saw today was £50! Fortunately later I found this one for only £20. I’m not entirely sure about the legs sticking out, might saw those off eventually. Ideally I like to hang it up on the wall, but for now its balancing on a pile of old books.



I became a bit of an obstacle with that drawer under my arm, but it didn’t stop me finding this serving platter for £1 in a box of porcelain.


Also got materials for a future 52week project. Found these two 1950s dress patterns for £2 each and fabric for £5 to make the shirt-dress.



At the very end on my way to the exit and train station I came past this footstool. Last time I was at this market I regretted buying another lovely footstool and as the seller started packing up he sold me this one for £10.


Overloaded I took the train home and still had enough money to buy a cup of tea to warm up.

Some things I managed to resist:


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