Week 4: Photo cushion

Months ago I bought this special printing paper to iron on fabric. This week I decided to try it out and turn it into a nice little cushion.


To print I choose a picture I took with my Diana Mini analogue camera on Brighton pier. The ironing on was extremely easy, only shame that it couldn’t be bigger than A4 size. Maybe I’ll make a separate border around it another time. For this project I jazzed it up with a red pom-pom border.

This time I didn’t depend on my old singer (see week 1) but instead I ventured out to ‘Sew Over It’, a nice sewing cafe in Clapham. I would absolutely recommend going there if you are in London and in need of a sewing machine (or just some equipment). It is a great space where you can use sewing machines, overlockers and all other equipment, including free cups of tea (isn’t that one of the most important components for creativity).




One thought on “Week 4: Photo cushion

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