Week 3: Silhouettes

When I came up with the idea for this weeks craft I started making it straight away, so lets go straight to the finalised product. This week no fabrics or danger with needles and sewing machines, only paper, scissors and glue.

I love victorian silhouettes, there is something very strong in a black profile of someone and how by the outline of the hair or dress you can straight away see from what period or class it comes.

On last weeks post you might have spotted my ‘Mr Darcy’ on the wall between the cross stitches (see here). I also love Downton Abbey and between the great paintings in the background upstairs, my favourite is the silhouette next to the door in Mr. Hughes’ pantry. I wanted to recreate this look, but of course a little more crafty.

I found a silhouette of this victorian lady on google (credit to whoever it belongs to), printed it out in A4, cut it out and pasted it out on a piece of cardboard covered in book pages. I’ve got a pile of old books I got given and like to take pages out to use as a little more exciting background.

Silhouette Lady

Later in the week I got into London Victoria’s tube station and came eye to eye of late Queen Victoria’s silhouette. I took a picture and edited it to another black silhouette. I printed this one out smaller so it would cover only one page. Maybe a nice idea to turn these into postcards later.

Silhouette Victoria


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