52 week project

For the new year I liked to pick up blogging and crafting seriously. Initially I wanted to do the 365 project, making something every day of the year. However knowing myself I wouldn’t be able to keep that up a year long, besides what am I to do with 365 pictures of tea cups or paper dolls at the end? Therefore I decided to change the idea a bit and turn it into 52 week project, one project a week which gives me the flexibility of skipping days and ending up with 52 things that would actually be useful.

Every week will have a theme and I’ll make something related. I like all sorts of crafts so the projects will range from knitting, sewing, printing, etc.

The blog is initially a journal to keep track of what I’m doing each week, but of course I like to show off what I’ve made and hope to inspire other people.



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