Wk2 finished cross stitch

Almost a week late updating my finish work. I did honestly finish my cross stitch project within the week, but hadn’t gotten round posting it online.

Here is the finished decorative sticker. It didn’t end up quite round so I might frame it later.


As it was quite a small project I used my time to finish another thing I had lying around for ages. It’s a needle case that I made with scrap fabrics, only had to stitch it together, add a button and put my needles in. Didn’t realise I had so many needles until I filled up the whole case.



Week 2: cross stitch

This week I am making something smaller. I am going away for the weekend so will have less craft time. Therefore I am making a cross stitch addition to my wall. 


Cross stitching isn’t anything new to me, but I do enjoy the relaxing task of following a pattern with little crosses. 


I have chosen this simple flower print from the Liberty Cross Stitch book with this blueish/green thread. 



week 1: my singer sewing machine


A couple of months ago I found this beauty of a sewing machine in a charity shop. I had been thinking about buying a new sewing machine, but not considered an antique one. Until I saw this one in the shop and fell in love. I had recently read an article on vintage sewing machines and remembered it said they practically never break and are fairly simple to pull apart. For £40 I took the chance, even if it wouldn’t work at least its nice to look at.

After buying a couple of missing bits and giving it a proper clean it is still a bit temperamental with the tension, but it is sewing!

Therefore my first project of the year will also be the first project I’m using my singer. I’ve been meaning to start quilting for ages and found a fat quarter of a gorgeous selection of fabrics, so I will make a nice little quilt with it. You’ll see the end result by the end of the week.


52 week project

For the new year I liked to pick up blogging and crafting seriously. Initially I wanted to do the 365 project, making something every day of the year. However knowing myself I wouldn’t be able to keep that up a year long, besides what am I to do with 365 pictures of tea cups or paper dolls at the end? Therefore I decided to change the idea a bit and turn it into 52 week project, one project a week which gives me the flexibility of skipping days and ending up with 52 things that would actually be useful.

Every week will have a theme and I’ll make something related. I like all sorts of crafts so the projects will range from knitting, sewing, printing, etc.

The blog is initially a journal to keep track of what I’m doing each week, but of course I like to show off what I’ve made and hope to inspire other people.